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Silica fume for concrete and mortar applications

Concrete solutions for versatile applications

The construction industry is constantly seeking ways to improve the durability and sustainability of concrete structures. Since the early 1980s under the ELKEM MICROSILICA® brand, Elkem has developed a unique range of silica fume products to improve the performance and durability of concrete. This is achieved physically through the optimization of the particle packing of concrete mixtures and chemically through the reaction of the highly reactive pozzolan with cement.

ELKEM MICROSILICA® is available worldwide and is compliant with many international standards including EN 13263 and ASTM C1240.

Formulations for every need

ELKEM MICROSILICA® products are available worldwide and used to improve the durability and sustainability of concrete.

  • Marine application, ELKEM MICROSILICA® is used in large offshore sea links and structures (bridges, tunnels, etc.) to increase the resistance of the concrete in aggressive environments due to saltwater corrosion.
  • High Performance Concrete, ELKEM MICROSILICA® designed to produce high compressive strength concrete with significantly low permeability. High performance concrete with ELKEM MICROSILICA® has been used in many projects such as the record-breaking Burj Khalifa building in Dubai.
  • Tunneling & sprayed concrete ELKEM MICROSILICA® is widely used in tunneling and sprayed concrete applications, featuring more cohesive nature which reduces rebound and wastage, while increasing impermeability.

Burj Khalifa, world's tallest building

Discover how Elkem enabled the concrete used in Burj Khalifa to have very low permeability levels and high durability


ELKEM MICROSILICA® Powder, available in various packaging options and densities.
Product data sheet


ELKEM MICROSILICA® Slurry (EMSAC® 500E), an aqueous suspension of microsilica compliant with EN 13263.
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MICROWHITE®, a high purity microsilica for construction applications featuring purity, consistent properties and lightness of color.
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GROUTAID® is a specially formulated additive to increase the efficiency of injection grouting by improving both flowability and hardening for injection into soils and cracks in concrete and stone.
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Discover our case study

Seawater exposure on concrete with ELKEM MICROSILICA®

Innovation, flexibility and sustainability

ELKEM MICROSILICA®, the original and market-leading silica fume product has constantly been improved and refined to produce new and innovative products for more sustainable and longer lasting concrete structures.
Elkem works collaboratively with customers to determine their needs, driving our R&D together with them and working with experts in leading academic and research institutes.
This collaborative approach enables us to constantly innovate and meet new operational needs, while complying with changing regulatory requirements.

Internally, our manufacturing processes continues to transition to more renewable energy sources that generate less carbon emissions. Many of our manufacturing facilities now use hydroelectric power and increasingly, biofuel and other renewables. Elkem has committed more widely to sustainability with an ongoing Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) policy that is regularly reviewed, updated and implemented.

Elkem Materials Mixture Analyser

Elkem Materials Mixture Analyser

Get the best out of Elkem's Silica fume / Microsilica material by leveraging upon our world reknown software to optimize your mixture.


Silica fume in construction applications

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